FACTORY offers comprehensive stretching and exercising muscles of the whole body. Selected exercises and movements are simple and human native.

  • Five stations = large amount of exercises = complex exercise
  • Three levels of difficulty = exercise for everyone regardless of age or condition
  • Use your own body weight = obtaining physical strength, flexibility and improve balance
  • No mechanical elements = minimal maintenance = ideal for public spaces
  • Clear info boards = correct methodological guidance for trainees = personal trainer by your side
  • Simplicity and intelligibility = manageability exercise for everyone
  • Developed in collaboration with an expert on movement and functional fitness exercises = best quality of exercise

The supporting pillars are made of laminated larch prisms with stainless steel caps. Metal structures are made of bent galvanized tubes. Horizontal surface parts are made of the anti-slip surfaces EPDM. Hot dip galvanized anchoring system.

Factory is certified according to ČSN EN 957 «Stationary training equipment» and meets the requirements of standard ČSN EN 1176 (Playground Equipment).

Factory is protected by industrial design in Europe.

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