Woody Doo

Playground with character

Playgrounds of acacia wood are exceptional because of their appearance and properties of acacia itself. Inequalities of solid acacia wood, different thickness and curvature makes each type unique. The natural form and structure of wood is unique and adds individual character to each playground. At first glance, friendly bulges and curves, surface pleasant to touch, but tough and durable core. Acacia is one of the toughest, and therefore most durable homegrown wood. Due to its unique properties, density of wood and naturally high portion of impregnations, it is able to withstand weather, parasites, mushrooms, molds and small pests. Unlike other species, its dry mass does not form chips on the surface. Acacia is ranked in the highest group of natural resistance in the standard EN 350:2 Durability of wood and wood-based products. 

Playing sets are available in two versions of acacia stakes: Natural logs stripped of sapwood and sanded, or version Stakato, where the woodwork and artistic trimming of surface is done to result irregular surfaces so that the stake consists of approximately polyhedron. The resulting surfaces have retained the structure of the cut with a noticeable trace of the processing with chain saw. This gives game elements Stakato distinctive profile and expression.

Themed playing sets creates their small worlds in big cities, villages, parks and natural areas. Even small game elements from acacia retain its originality.

Buildings made of solid acacia, have a long shelf life and minimum maintenance. Their expected life of 15-20 years is several times higher than the life of conventional buildings made of conifers.

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