"Parkour is a physical discipline and training method with the purpose to overcome the obstacles in the way, while matching your movement with the environment." (American Parkour)

FLUX is a modular system of obstacles and elements intended for the construction of parkour playgrounds and training grounds. It allows to build a tailor made playground for each place and parkour community. The materials used faithfully simulate real urban environment. It includes wall and tubular elements that can be combined. Walls can be expanded by tubular structure, handles and moldings. It also includes low pedals for ground accuracy training.

Thanks to quality materials, FLUX is highly resistant to wear and tear, weathering and standard vandalism and is non-flammable.

Supporting steel structures are galvanized, wrapping wall elements are made of panels from pigmented concrete.

On the design and development of FLUX participated active and experienced parkourists.

FLUX is in compliance and certified according to British standard BS 10075:2013

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