• Hřiště v zámeckém parku Malacky

    Hřiště v zámeckém parku Malacky

    30. 10. 2019

    The architect selected our elements from several product lines for the project and an acacia element with a long slide was created to order. The course also includes a complete fitness...

  • 10. narozeniny firmy

    10. narozeniny firmy

    30. 9. 2019

    At the end of September, we celebrated the 10th birthday of our company. We ate, drank, cooked and competed. Of course, there was a dance after dark. Everything took place in our production...

  • Playcité ve Varšavě

    Playcité ve Varšavě

    5. 9. 2019

    This year we built a playground in the courtyard of Warsaw. This is the biggest realization in the capital of Poland, where the game series Woody Doo and Dikulo are combined. There...

  • Realizace Playcité v Maďarsku

    Realizace Playcité v Maďarsku

    2. 8. 2019

    Under the playcité brand, we are most successful in Hungary, especially in Budapest, where we have built dozens of playground. In the past year, e.g. in the park Agylide and Holdudvar,...

  • Realizace Brno Kamechy

    Realizace Brno Kamechy

    19. 7. 2019

    In the summer of this year, we completed our second-largest implementation of CZK 11.5 million. At the event, we cooperated on the conception and selection of gaming and sports equipment....

  • Fluxy rostou jako houby po dešti

    Fluxy rostou jako houby po dešti

    28. 5. 2019

    Last year we built 23 new parkour playground FLUX, eg in these cities Pilsen, Prague 2x, Ostrava, Brno, Mikulov, Sumperk, Teplice, Havl. Brod, Rychnov n / K., Pisek, As, Mar. Spas,...

  • Atyp v parku Stromovka

    Atyp v parku Stromovka

    4. 3. 2019

    At the end of 2018, we completed the implementation of an atypical element in the park Stromovka. The element was designed for a project prepared by architects from OK PLAN ARCHITECTS,...

  • Plzeň se také dočkala

    Plzeň se také dočkala

    15. 10. 2018

    4.10. bylo v Krašovské otevřeno zbrusu nové parkourové hřiště, které jsme vybavili systémem FLUX a centrálním betonovým prvkem. Na návrhu jsme spolupracovali s plzeňskými...

  • Španělsko, Barcelona

    Španělsko, Barcelona

    8. 10. 2018

    In spring we realized another interesting playground within playcité. This time in Spain in Barcelona with Woody Doo series.

  • Senior BÍA program

    Senior BÍA program

    3. 9. 2018

    One of the first realizations of our BÍA exercise program is in Rouchovany at the retirement home. Exercises are aimed primarily at the senior age category.

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