Indoor playgrounds

Because sometimes it rains

CHA CHA BOX is unique networked system for interior spaces. Playing boxes that need no impact zone and the minimum area to provide children safe and active fun.

In addition to the type variants, it is possible to create various modifications in the surface and space, including multiple floor buildings. Grid-connected corridors form a labyrinth and lead children through various obstacles to slides and pools with balls.

CHA CHA BOX is gaming system suitable for large gaming halls, shopping malls, department stores, hotels, restaurants, and as a supplement to children's corners and centers.

The supporting structure is made of steel tubes, which are connected by a system of certified pipe fittings. Construction is due to safety and comfort provided by soft protective covers. Walls and ceilings are filled with protective nets. All elements except nets are made of washable material.

The construction of the entire system is self-supporting and does not require anchoring to the floor.

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