Rob Roy

Fully armored acacia

ROB ROY is another original product line with functional design, when every used part has its own function, use and precise form.

It combines aesthetic and qualitative advantages of acacia wood with the advantages of high performance industrial materials. His distinctive appearance is based on the contrast of organic lines of acacia trunks and exact shapes of plastic and steel parts.

By its very nature, ROB ROY is designed to be resistant to weathering and normal wear and tear. Combination and selection of specific materials is based on various intensities stress on parts of the playground and its components.

Sets ROB ROY have an open, transparent disposition that makes it easy to orient for playing children and supervising parents. The individual elements of the playground have user's specific requirements. These respect the normal motor skills of children of given age group and yet lead to a more complex management tasks. Naturally, in funny way they enhance their physical fitness, willingness and confidence.

ROB ROY is a versatile high-quality children's furniture with didactic function and artistic value. Playing children are developed both physically and mentally, and they are also routed to the perception of the aesthetics of the environment. Modern, airy and functional design, durability and strength of materials against a certain subtlety in technical detail, make ROB ROY both art and utility object that can become a valuable addition or dominat feature for any public spaces.

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