BÍA Natura - program for seniors

Exercise for seniors who enjoy them and do not hurt

Everyday physical activities such as crossing the road, driving in vehicles, moving up to stairs, getting up from a chair or lifting objects become more difficult for seniors over time. Exercise with Bía Natura defines the movements and strengthens especially those muscle parts that are necessary for performing common activities (walking, torso rotation, arm and hand movements, fine motor skills).

Key properties

  • Exercise stations are not fitness machines, so exercise is done in civilian clothes, without the stress of an unknown mechanism.
  • Muscle parts are practised while performing a specific task, to which the attention of the exerciser is directed. Therefore he does not focus on the exercise itself and the exercise is easy.
  • The stations are equipped with clear and comprehensible instructions.
  • Exercise is safe and manageable even by the exercisers with health limitations.
  • The system is developed with experts, tested and consulted with Czech seniors.
  • The materials used are durable and user-friendly (wood, metal, non-slip rubber surfaces).
  • Certified according to ČSN EN 1176 (Playground Equipment) and ČSN EN 16630:2016 (Permanently installed outdoor fitness equipment).
  • Protected by industrial design.


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