The French company AGORESPACE created the concept of multi-use sport playgrounds 23 years ago and is now the largest supplier in Europe. It has more than 4000 realizations. Special attention is paid on safety, strength, functionality and visage of AGORESPACE playgrounds.

Agorespace meets the requirements of ČSN EN 1176 (Playgrounds) and is in accordance with standard EN 15312 (Publicly accessible multipurpose sport playgrounds) 

In areas with size of 100 -700 m2 offers the opportunity to run for at least 8 different sports: football, basketball, handball, hockeyball, volleyball, tennis, netball and badminton. Playground can also be used for various school and social activities, in winter as an icerink.

Agorespace with its conception thinks on those, who only just don't do any sports and becomes a popular meeting place for leisure and youth.

Materials: sport walls and wrapping barriers are made of impregnated Nordic, handles of exotic wood with aluminum covers, bearing structure is constructed from aluminum or steel uprights, aluminum has a baked varnish, steel parts are threefold surface treated (chemically cleaned, zinc, painted), between structures and wooden panels are placed vibration dampers.

  1. clear, one color and durable lining for all sports allows the game according to the rules
  2. reflective barriers and rear walls for the game in an enclosed area
  3. round corners of barriers for smooth and safe game
  4. uprights with a system for quick and easy fastening nets for volleyball, badminton and tennis
  5. the real goal nets for soccer and handball (standard, reinforced with steel wire)
  6. height-adjustable basketball basket
  7. flexible synthetic artificial turf
  8. flat and wide handle for sitting

Material design variations

full metal
aluminum - wood
metal - wood (design, OPEN FIRST)


many size variations of sports plazgrounds from 95 m2 to 860 m2
the smallest plazground - 7.00 mx 13.56 m
the largest playground - 20.12 mx 42.90 m
goals - according to the pitch size 2 m x 2 m, 3 m x 2 m
basketball basket - options 2.65 - 2.85 - 3.05 m


Classic - the traditional basic concept of sport playground
Brasilia - Classic variant supplemented with 2 or 4 Brazilian goals
Multisport platform - version without reflective barriers and rear walls
Modules - Sportswall, Magic-tower, Twin-ball, Basket-ball
Junior - reduced pitch variant, modules complemented by playground elements

Possible subsoil options

asphalt, concrete, compacted siftings

For more information or sending our catalog, please contact us.

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