Pipe Age

Age of pipes

PIPE AGE playing system was created because of the growing requirements and demand for non-traditional playground with a high degree of strength and resistance to vandalism. Based on its robust construction design and materials used is Pipe Age determined in areas with high traffic load and supposed vandalism. Thanks to its design with an emphasis and passion for technical detail, thanks to its ""transparency"", it fits into any type of urban development.

PIPE AGE represents a functional design, where the form is subordinate to function. The playground is situated outdoors, its well organized for both children and parents and thus more secure. It does not define a particular procedure for children, leaving them space at any time to enter the game or leave it. Playing is possible for the maximum number of children. The sets are made up of elements of different difficulty and they are intended for children from 3 to 14 years old with different physical preparedness. Child progresses itself and chooses its own way according to their abilities and imagination.

Game elements PIPE AGE are made of highly durable, low maintenance materials to withstand wear and tear, weather conditions and ensure their long life.

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